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Originally Posted by thumpBack View Post
Ok, so here's what I've collected so far:
-The A2000 model is better than the A500
Yes. But they are very similar. The A2000 has more memory by default but most A500's will have extra memory installed anyway so... pretty much the same hardware.

The biggest difference is that the A500 is "a computer in a keyboard":

and the A2000 has a separate keyboard and a computer case:

Since you asked about the disk emulators... If you get the more expensive disk emulator with the panel (this), it will be easier to install into the A2000. (It's the same size as the disk drive you can see in the picture above, and there is even an empty slot for it next to the disk drive). The other kind (this) can be installed into the A500 easily too as you can see in the demonstration video here:
[ Show youtube player ]

Neither will require soldering as far as I know. Just connect the data and power cables that go from the motherboard to the disk drive to the emulator instead of the old drive (you can see the cables here).

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