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Any RGB monitor will do with the right cable. If your monitor has an RGB-SCART port then, sure, use that. But there's nothing magical about the SCART connector and you should be warned that not all SCART ports support RGB. (For example, on TV's with multiple SCART ports often only one of them supports RGB).

An RGB to VGA or HDMI converter box will work. Quality will depend on the quality of the box... Some of them may also add noticeable lag which is a problem especially for fast action games.

But a really easy (and cheap) way to get a picture out of an A500 or A2000 that's good enough for most people for gaming purposes is to use the composite video port. All you need is a standard RCA cable and you will be able to connect it to pretty much any TV set. Then get an expensive scandoubler or a quality RGB monitor/converter later on if you get more serious about your Amigaing...
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