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I just want to say, Thanks alot for this info, guys. I really appreciate it!

@Jimbob No, no SCART here. Can I get a SCART to VGA adapter? All I really want is a color display, that doesnt glow in the dark. (It creeps me out.) Or maybe I can get an RGB cable for the Amiga, then plug that into an RGB to HDMI adapter, then plug THAT into my computer monitor, I guess?

@Arika: Alright, I'll probably go for the A2000. I saw one guy install a CD drive and a new board with some stuff, then he installed OS3.5... I think.

So with the A2000, Can I still use an SD card to transfer the guts of a .adf file to the hard drive? (or maybe a build-in flash card or something)
The only thing I plan on doing with one, is painting , making music, browsing the internet, and playing games.

On the other hand, the case on the A2000 is a bit scuffed and scratched. Can I get like, a new case for it, maybe in...RED?
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