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Its close but arrghh!

Please make this:

Fully backwards compatible Amiga clone that will run workbench 3.1 from scratch using kickstart 3.1 and has AGA or AAA whatever its called. Have all the latest ports, hdmi, usb, sata to compliment the old ones which allow samplers and old bits to work. Also Standard mini-itx mounting so it can be placed wherever. I do not want some overpriced pc board running some hacked version of linux in a case that can be bought off the shelf and then sold for Apple money as in the old cusa idea of things.

I want an exact replica of an Amiga, case and all that has just been redone with modern stuff. Im dreaming I guess

I wish that I had the skills to do all this but sadly im not talented so will just have to wait, but the waiting! im getting older by the day
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