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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
So it is more of a "motherboard replacement" like that GB1000 than .
Well, yes and no.
It looks to be an Amiga compatible motherboard, but in MiniITX form factor.
So it's not going (easily) into an A500 / 2000 case.
And it doesn't appear to have some of the enhancements of the GB1000.
(Place for Flicker fixer, etc; although it does have regular (PS2?) keyboard/mouse connectors.. AND it has joystick ports (at the same time? Hmmm..) )

But, it has sockets for all the major Amiga chips, including the 68k, so CPU attached options might work (IDE68k, FAST RAM).

I don't see regular audio or headers that appear to have that, so looks like if you don't want to use SCART, you'll have to pull your RGB and audio from that port.
A header would be nice, as you could embed an GBS-8200 or similar in the case.

Great looking project tho...

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