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Originally Posted by freon View Post

Who uses scart anymore? It should be VGA or even HDMI. Does it even have flicker fixer/Scan doubler? With Scart you can't connect it to monitor without unnnessessary adapter.
Lots of people do. I do. And it's great, a lot better than VGA on a modern TV (because VGA doesn't do low res 15Khz progressive but SCART RGB DOES. Why do you need scan doubling for in that case?).

I would like HDMI as an option too, but SCART is a lot better than VGA. If you want to connect it to a monitor, use HDMI/DVI, NOT VGA which is old.

I hear you on the USB mouse thing though, but I think it makes sense it's only PS2. Playstation pads are a no-go though, he wants to use original joysticks and I agree.
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