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Yeah Akira is right. If you are only interested in Doom and Simcity2000, then Amiga isn't the way to go. The Amiga has a lot to offer though so I absolutely don't want to put you off getting into the machine. Just that these particular games came right at the end of the Amigas commercial lifetime and were not a good match for it. There is huge catalogue of games much better suited to the strengths of the Amiga.

Likewise forget about OS4 and 3.9. 3.1 is the OS to go for. You may need to buy a new ROM chip for this-

Do you have SCART in Gotham City? Using an VGA monitor with an Amiga requires a slightly pricey but excellent upgrade but if you are in Europe, the best option is to use a SCART input on a TV with a cheap adaptor cable from the Amigas RGB output.
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