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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I can see that txt but there is nothing to click on. Maybe you have to be registered to read blogs?
You should click on the nick to read.
You need to be registered and logged in to read blogs.

Google translated (with a few corrections):

Amiga for me is the really old classic Amigas. Machines A500 & A2000 with MC68000 processor and big beautiful socketed circuits. One loaded games and demos from floppies and listened to the beautiful whistling sound from his fiendishly expensive SCSI hard drive.

My Amiga 500 started to fall to pieces long ago. Disgusting yellow chassis and caps leaking and rotting boards.
Most projects with Amiga clones seems to be to make a more or less compatible computer with really cool performance. (All credit to them, they do a fantastic job!)

Minimig's exists, but it's not enough for me. Too much restriction and nowhere to connect your samples, floppy disks and extra joysticks. Sure, compatibility has improved in recent years but still there is a list of games about what works / does not work.

I felt that I wanted to experience that "real" Amiga feeling I had as a child. And I wanted it in a modern format.
This was the idea to Amy Dream Clone.
It is a motherboard that is 100% compatible with the oldest Amigas!
Designed to fit into a modern "Gaming mini-ITX chassis' and connections for PC keyboard and mouse.

I was going to use this blog to post more details about the construction and start with some pictures how I mounted up my Amy in a beautiful white Prodigy BitFenix ​​chassis.

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