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Question Starting on an Amiga

Hey guys. My name is Dawson , and Im 14. I was recently offered 2 Amiga systems, but I was only able to pick one. There was an A500, and an A2000. I was planning to hook it up to a nice VGA monitor, and get a HxC floppy emulator. Now, here's the list of snags I ran into:
1. Can I run DOOM on either of them?
2.Which one has the easier floppy emulator installation? ( No soldering? )
3. Is it easy to install Amiga OS 4?
4. Which one runs SimCity 2000?
5. Is it easy to extract files to the hard drive?
As you can see, I like to play games.
So if you guys could help me...
That would be great!
Thanks a bunch!

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