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Originally Posted by lantus360 View Post
im still working on performance. We are at 20fps now on an 060/50. Getting closer where i want this to be.
That's pretty good and already playable .

Originally Posted by lantus360 View Post
Incidentally i saw that guide on FPS performance for Doom..i cant get ADoom anywhere near 24fps on my 060. For me it chugs along at 12-15 most of the time. Is that normal? I tried a few patches/removing some patches/clean startup-sequence to no avail. Boom on the other hand just flies for me. I wish i could timedemo it (hint hint Nova
You should be getting 20-25 fps with the ADoom timedemo. I get 40 fps but that's with a 68060@75MHz and RTG. Others have had poor performance though too. Maybe something in this thread will help:
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