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I'm no programmer but I'd guess that Jens actually needs 3 different talents to bring this together.

1) GUI person (sound's like it was written in BlitzBasic and now needs to be converted to C)
2) A low-level driver guy to write the code for the config tool to 'talk' to the FPGA (probably developed in assembler or maybe C).
3) An FPGA coder

Now out of that list, I assume that Jens will cover the FPGA side, God only knows how far along they are.

I'm sure there are plenty of talented 68k coders that could help out with the first two, in fact I even know a really clever FPGA developer who might be able help on that side as well if needed.

Just because this is a commercial product, I don't see why it couldn't have a community developed config tool.
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