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Originally Posted by moijk View Post
Tiago, i see you have allowed the atari st vs amiga war to get physical.

I see the atari st have captured the hill pushing one helpless amiga into the wall and two others have been stripped of their means. And down in the vally the amigas seem to be hosting a very ill atari st prisoner-of-war. I'm wondering what the amiga 500 is planning to do with the plier?
If you look better, you will see that the higher one is an A1200. It's in a vertical position...
The A500 is in solid position, but behind there is a A1200 tower with a Phase 5 Blizzard 1230...
One of the STs, is a STE inside a STFM Case (had to adapt it)
Other is a 520 ST with no PSU and no Floppy inside, heavy brick and external floppy
But the winner, would be the A1200 bottom. At that point in time it was the only one 100% ready to work.
Today all of them are fine, except the A1200 tower, that sometimes don't have video signal. Don't know yet why.
In this litle space, i have all those, plus A4000 and CDTV plus 3 Zx spectrum....
Behind me (in the photo) there is some space to store them. This space is small closed balcony, the only space that my girlfriend alows me to have them...
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