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@moijk - Nice


I've had a good clear out of stuff recently and for once I actually have space to use my Amiga's!

Therefore a good time to share some up to date pics and a Video of my Games room / Office.

A quick shot of my Desk:

Home to my A4000D, A1200DPPC and (soon) Mirage Pro Tower. You might spot a PC there too, don't worry, it doesn't work

First up the A4000D, It's loaded with a CSMkIII, DKB3128(128mb), Tocatta Sound Card, CV64/3D and Deneb USB. Total Ram is 256mb

Next up my A1200PPC, Upgraded BPPC(060/60 PPC330) + BVision. Normally has an IDEFix Express which is not currently installed.

And there's my A4000 Mirage Pro, will have CSPPC + Mediator 4000D, Motherboard is being sent away for a Re-Cap so it's out of service right now... Will also have Deneb USB, Voodoo 3, PCI Sound and Nic, 2x 128mb ZorRam. Will be awesome when it's done!

Finally, just some of my games which is about all I can cram into this small room!

And here is a short Video, I demonstrate the Amiga's and tell you a bit more about them

[ Show youtube player ]
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