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Lucasarts has never made the source code for Dark Forces available, so I doubt anyone would be able to port it to the Amiga to easily.

I've played Dark Forces on my A1200/030 through Shapeshifter though, so at least that's possible if you wanted to try.

Other First Person Shooter games I know of that have had their source code released and would be portable to the Amiga are:

Doom II
Duke Nukem 3D
Quake II
Rise of the Triad
Shadow Warrior
Unreal (Although possibly a bit unrealistic on anything less than 060/RTG)

Out of those, half have already been ported even if the ports were pretty quick and crappy. I think Rise of the Triad would be the best one to port over, and has the best chance of running on more Amigas than the others.
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