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Old PD stuff - having trouble adf'ing it!

Chasing unicorns here lol!

I missed an ebay auction back in Dec for some old NBS public domain disks:

Disk ID. D353 - Nightbreed PE
Disk ID. D213 - Garfield
Disk ID. M098 - Studio Music 1
Disk ID. D223 - Budbrain II
Disk ID. M231 - Crusaders / Genesis
Disk ID. M094 - Flash (A) - Possibly Flash Gordon
Disk ID. M094b - Flash (B)
Disk ID. M118 - Amiga Charts, Eve of the War / Touch Me
Disk ID. D091 - Fillet the Fish
Disk ID. X145 - Gorezone Horror Slideshow
Disk ID. D570 - TRON 1
Disk ID. D571 - TRON 2

Everything in bold has imaged! but with errors, the two that have not, just wont even read at all!

I then managed to win another auction from the same seller and got more of these NBS disks. My Catweasel MK4 has been getting a right working out with me trying to get reliable images. I still need to get a real amiga setup and try the direct approach with real hardware.

So anyway I wouldnt let it lie so I tracked down the buyer for the disks sold in dec last year, he then copied them for me and sent via snail mail. The problem is I think he had the same issue's as I did! Disks that were not stored in the best way and have suffered. All the copies are riddled with errors

Some work some dont! Some appear to be really rare!. But others like Tron (animation) and Budbrain II are not so rare and are easily available.

Is there anything that I can do? apart from getting my hands on those original disks. Seems like this might not work out... Can errors be fixed with knowledge? Im no programmer, I can do silly tricks with an hex editor but thats about it! I just know enougth to get data off disks that are bit worse for wear if luck is on my side!
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