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Originally Posted by tesla View Post
From what you have said, I guess I couldn't use my Blizzard '060 card.
It's true that I will not guarantee it. However, with the recent success on my specimen of the B1230-IV, it has gotten more likely that other accelerators will also work.

However, there's a clear line that I will draw: While I will do the best I can to make other A1200 accelerators compatible, I will not answer any support questions about that topic. Tickets will just be closed without further notice. Maybe - if I'm in the mood on that day - I will answer with "not supported" and the recommendation to buy a supported card.

Documentation of all ACA500 software registers will be open. The community will have all the chances to make things work. The only role I will play in such endeavours is a voluntary one. The only obligation I will accept is to get my own A1200 accelerators to work, where the ACA1230 (all three models) is already excluded (that's a syncronous design, and these won't work with the ACA500).

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