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Although that map is nice, I don't believe it can be anything more than a gross approximation. From what I saw, the map is based upon data submitted by fanatics such as us.

Here in the US, for example, many of the big-box Amiga's were sold to business's that used them for video production, using of course, a Toaster. My old 3000T, for example, had the Toaster removed before it was sold to me. I doubt that any of these Amiga's used professionally will be reported, but I also suspect that their numbers are dwindling and are essentially too small to worry about.

IMHO, I suspect that of all the Amiga's that are still being used, most have not and will never be reported. Even if the owner is interested in submitting his/her Amiga, unless someone tells them about the site, it's not getting reported. Still, I think that the site in question is useful, and a good approximation.

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