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There will be an A2000 version of the ACA500. It'll go into the 86-pin CPU slot, but have some restrictions for the Zorro cards that can be used: DMA will not be supported, so A2091, GVP SCSI and similar cards won't work.

A1000 is similar to the A500 in it's 86-pin slot, but the ACA500 should not be plugged to it. I'll make a special version for the A1000 that also covers the "not enough chipram" problem (2M Chipram expansions are hard to find and fiddly to adjust with their funny PLL solutions).

Cleaning the logic of the ACA500 was on the agenda today: I took care of these nasty cheap A1200 accelerators that block all of the Z2 memory space. A second brain is currently verifying my ideas, and if that's positive, I'm almost ready for ordering the PCBs.
Members of thought that white PCB with black print will look better than black PCB with white print. This "white" will not look like the beige of the A500, but more like the white of the ACA1231. Opinions?

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