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HD install of the Workbench /system 3.1

I have just try to install the workbench system on a new HD_file in place of a directory hd.

The emulator (Config Amiga 1200 AGA) have recognize the hd0 and i have formatted without problem.

When i have try to install the system on the hd0 (french option used) the system say that he cannot access to the hd (file xx in use i think but not sure).

Now i have try to boot from the disk(workbench 3.1) to start again, but the disk df0 is not booted, only the hd0.
And when i go to df0: it is okay, i can type loadwb and use the OS but when i start the install, the program ask an ENV disk(environnement variable if a remember of 10 years ago )
and when i click cancel, i get an error message of 'Env variable too long', .
The install stop here.

Can you give me a help, i have never used an hd with my Amiga 500/1200 and i realize that 10 year after, i don't remember how to use the cli/workbench specials commands

If you can give me a step by step, for installing an system on HD (on HD_file in that case) i will appreciate.

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