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Originally Posted by freon View Post
Are the Competition pros running out of stock also? Amigakit has none in stock. Vesalia also has none. If it ever even did? ASB still has some left.

I'm hoping someone would make new patch of TAC 2 joysticks. Competition pro's stick movement is too large for my taste.

Back in the days TAC 2 could really take the beating when one died in the game. Desk was full of dents, but the TAC 2 didn't even got a scratch Buttons were the only weak link that required cleaning every now and then.

I have also wondered if it would be easy to make joystick out of this Arcade joystick?
Yes you can use an arcade joystick. Read how to wire the connector here:

But while it may look similar to TAC-2 it will function very differently. It will be a "clicky" micro switch joystick, more like the Competition Pro.

Instead of that Chinese stick I would get a Japanese one made by Sanwa or Seimitsu instead, if you are after quality. Since you mention that Competition Pro's movement is "too large" you'll probably want a model with a short throw like the Seimitsu LS-56.

You most probably want at least one button too. The buttons Sanwa and Seimitsu make, while awesome, are very different from the buttons used in most "Atari" joysticks because of their light tension. Because of that Happ or similar buttons may be preferable.

Great tutorial on arcade joysticks:

P.S. What is ASB?
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