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I thought that was scrapped. Rememeber when Akira got downtrodden over it? It's still worthless. Why?
Because you can emulate most of those same programs and games on a real Amiga [PPC or 68k] or WinUEA or MacUAE/MaxUAE.
So gee, he's going to spend 800 bucks or so on a stinking glorified WinUAE and maybe be able to run a handful of apps that some dudes will write for OS 4.
I am a very honest man, my moral fibre hates to see people cheated. I don't care about someone wgo idiodically says "I don't care about the money".
But to the others who are considering buying an AmigaOne, please, come down to earth and look at it with reality. Tell me, would YOU recommend the purchase AmigaOne to someone who is an average wage earner, instead of a PC or Mac or keeping their old Amiga? If so, I have lost alot of respect for you, Retroman.

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