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Post Warp support in WinUAE + Major Motion is virus infected!

Hi guys

A couple of things for anyone that downloaded Major Motion - it has the Lamer Exterminator 4 virus on the bootblock. This one isn't the threat it used to be as it has self modifying code which crashes all cpu's > 68000. And on emulators I'm not sure what harm it would do... But for anyone that downloaded the warp and has loaded it up on a real Amiga, you can clean it just by installing the bootblock. And check your other disks!

Akira: You can write back some warped games such as Major Motion: MFMWarp WRITE MajorMotion.MFM DEEP

The DEEP argument isn't necessary ALL the time, but is best for some long track format games (Rob Northen PDos - eg. Superfrog etc).

Now that's out of the way, a few other things:

1. MFMWarp uses XPK compression as Toni figured out. Most XPK packers are coded in ASM for speed so porting to WinUAE isn't going to be easy. (I heard that some of these were being ported a while back so maybe they have been).

2. Warp images are imho pointless for being included in an emulator because of the fact that you get no proper error checking. In theory, everyone on the net could start dumping MFMWarp files and TOSEC would fill up - every warp can and most likely is different when run on the same disk at the same time by the same person!

3. Assuming you had a decent rip and that the game has no speed check of a track copy protection, you would then need all the extra work to preload the image, decrunch it, then add code to shift the bitstream to the correct sync etc. A *lot* of effort for not much reward.

4. Half the warp files are full of Dos tracks anyway (eg. Major Motion is fully warped up yet only 2 tracks require it - the main game is dos, no copy protection that I could see (I have written a whdload slave for it already to verify!) and the MFM is only for loading/saving the high scores to track 1 (in standard Microdeal format). In other words, you can DIC this disk without the virus and it should load anyway.

5. Converting a non copy protected game from MFM to ADF Extended format is trivial if you know what you are doing. Maybe like the WHDLoad project, people will write an imager using something like RawDIC (in WHDLoad package) to spit out the ADF2 format rather than a disk image compatible with WHDLoad.
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