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Manuals on back of posters

OK, silly post/question...
I just got 2 new (to me, actually they were shrink wrapped too) Amiga games.

Blastar and Overkill.

So, I open up Blastar, Core Design, and see 3 disks and a poster..
As I'm opening up the poster, I'm noticing there's no manual in the box.. How what..
Yep, the instructions/manual is printed on the back of the poster...
Don't know that I've see that before...

So, I open up Overkill, Mindscape, and see some disks, a poster, a warranty card, a product brochure, and ad for the Miracle Piano system, and a warning about epilepsy...
But no manual.. Strange, there's mention of the manual on the box.
I open the little poster and...
Yep, there's the "manual" on the back of the poster... ;-)

Not sure I've seen that before, and I get 2 in a row.. From different companies...

Was that semi-common to do???

Just struck me as odd...

p.s. Yes, I removed the shrink wrap and opened the boxes.. Just doing my bit to make sealed games more valuable for other people. ;-)
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