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Originally Posted by Zoltar View Post
Now, a question for everybody: If the Amiga games could have been ROM cartridge based instead of floppy disk, do you think it would have made much of a difference? There are a lot of advantages to using ROM carts besides copy protection, speed and durability would be the main ones that spring to my mind but I think C= may have overlooked something in not giving the Amiga a cartridge port.
It would have made a difference. A lot less people would've bought an Amiga had it been sold as a cartridge only machine. When it comes to piracy though cartridges would not have made any difference since they can be cracked just like "normal" disks too. Where there's a will there's a way. Look at the C64GS (sold in Germany only if memory serves me right) which was a "castrated" C64 with cartridge port only. It failed miserably for obvious reasons.
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