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Originally Posted by Lord Riton View Post
There was a time i tought also like that, but i was arround 14-15 then...

If everyone would think like you, no one would buy games, ---> no one would make games...
But look at the world today we live in...

Isn't this the same world we knew back then true today ?, (only on a much larger scale) ?

The old issue is "Well, I don't mind you pirating my stuff, but if you like it, buy it"

This thing is getting old....... True though I believe this, but how many people in the "real world" would go out and buy it ? ok, maybe half of then, bit defiantly not all. Articles come back a year later and say "oh, piracy is down, look at this." but just wait, and piracy will be back up in a year "because" a new protection has now been cracked...

Its a roller-coaster... and no one can get off.

Having said that, its also true for developers too ...... no nothing will sell, but hey.. you gotta take the bad, with the good .... Hollywood is trying it in the movie industry, and its failing... Right now, i'm watching Netflix outside U.S for instance
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