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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

If anyone here has a viable concept, please present it. Just complaining about the price and comparing memory prices doesn't cut it. Total project cost is what you need to calculate. There is a risk involved, and that introduces an unknown factor which needs to be priced. If anyone here can take the risk out of the equation, for example by pre-paying for a couple of hundred units, please step forward.
Not me... Jens you're still the man
It causes me some confusion when people starts complaining and comparing Jens stuff with other vendors, dJos if you're not happy just don't buy it and go for your country man product.

Once again i have to say that Jens is doing more for the comunity than any guy i ever met around the fóruns and it's great to see someone wiling to risk with a business like this.

I guess people should try to help giving ideas and making questions about Jens products instead of trying to kill his product with bad publicity.

Let's focus on what's important so we can see a new product for our beloved 500 soon.

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