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Hello. I've just swapped over the CIA chips as instructed. Very carefully too

and i think i've solved the problem. i dont think the cia chips are at fault at all now.

In the back of the amiga every port is connected to something. Theres an RGB scart connector, Parallel cable for adf transfer, Serial for transfering, floppy cable with 3 other drives connected as well as the audio connections and the mouse and joypad.

After swapping the CIAs and getting the same issues I thought id try removing the parallel cable. The problems we're still there. I then reomved the serial cable and apidyas intro starts to run normally?

I'm going to try snow bros and see if thats working too but all this time the serial cable, connected to my laptop and the amiga was the problem. I have no idea why this is though so if someone more knowledgable than me could let me know i'd be very interested.

I'm just glad i don't have to fork out for some new CIA chips now

UPDATE: Snow Bros now running at correct speed. But 2 button option not working. It is on turrican 3 but not on snow bros? Currently using an original Master System pad.
Fightin' Spirit still has its 2 button issues too and when you move the main character left or right he pucnhes? I'm getting a new pad soon then i will be able to troubleshoot that.

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