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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
There are indeed lots of different A500 versions: Not just different mainboards, but also different chipset combinations. So far, I have only tested with PAL-clocked Amigas (28.37516MHz base clock) and four different motherboard revisions. However, if you take into account that there are two Gary versions and four different Agnus versions, all possibly installed on a PAL or an NTSC board (which is clocked at 28.63636MHz), you get to 64 permutations that must be tested. Not all 64 permutations make sense (for example old Agnus versions don't work on Rev.8 and new 8375 Agnus does not work on non-Rev-8), but I still have quite some testing ahead of me.

Ultimately, I don't expect too much difference between all the boards and chipsets. The one thing I won't be able to test is 8372B-based 2M Chipram expansions, because I simply don't have one. This is where I'll need help from the community - I'll get to that when I'm confident enough to order the boards and start production.


thanks for the reply,you even answered the next question i was about to ask about 2m chipram boards,i suppose i can try one and see

yes, the two revisions i was interested in was the revision 6 500 and the revision 8 500+ with 512kb and 1mb of chipram.
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