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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
2) I will not do anything to specifically stop other cards from working

Nothing more, nothing less.
Now, thats a lie.
You've been tinkering behind the scene, trying to make as much as possible run of this thing. We've been told about what little success there has been, and we've been told you'r tinkering with a mean to get a B1230-IV working on it, and so on. In fact, your going out of your way trying to make it behave as well as possible with as much hardware as possible, but you won't go on the record saying "this old junk will work on my card" for the simple reason they then your suddenly responsible for every card out there, and their weird view of the world. I don't blame you.

And working on patching the behavior of "other" hardware in a way so it works with your hardware, without being able to use it as a sales argument in the end... Dude, didn't you say you didn't work for free?
I just cant help it, i just have to say it again. You rock.
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