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yes 100% the same chips. but again, only 8520 types with the amiga .
here is another posting about this question.
By the way. I've always wondered. Are CIA's from Amiga 500 compatible with C64's CIAs? It's a 8520 after all? And are 6526 and 8520 interchangeable? I've got a C64C board that has one of each so I guess so.
The timers are different- the 8520 uses a binary counter instead of BCD. Any program that utilizes the timers would be affected. To what extent this will affect different programs, it's hard to predict.
next to label 8520 - different value: not sure, different manufactor or another date of making them, cannot say exactly.
CSG or MOS labeled on the chips.

btw: if you pull them out of the socket, do it step by step, on right side of socket, then left side, until you can take them out easily. their legs can bend easily. and do not make scratches on the motherboard, while using a flat screwdriver to pull them off - things happen, i know that myself

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