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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
Are CIA's from C64 compatible with Amiga 500s CIAs?

ive got a dead c64 here and i think it has those chips. not sure if there soldrered though

still got another c64 alive and kicking
i never thought about this, but it is possible, at least what i red here and here.
_BUT_ you must ensure , you only use CIa chips with label 8520 with the amiga.
i only repeat what i was reading over there.
can someone confirm?

EVEN vs. ODD cia: on some boards it is printed near the chips, older boards do not have this information. look at some motherboards of a500 revisions here (scroll down that page for the photo links).

off topic: while others bulding or buying expensive accelerator boards, you got a speedy machine due to killed CIAs.
indeed a very strange behavior

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