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so far i've had the following issues:

Snow bros: Running too fast with gfx flickering
Apidya: Intro running 50% slower with gfx flickering
Ruff and Tumble not loading (changed adf until it did)
Supercars 2 not loading, green wiggly lines? (changed adf, fixed)
fightin' spirit 2 button support acting weird
bubble and squeak 2 button support not working correctly
shadow of the beast music seems slightly slower but i might be remembering wrong.

ADF transfer over the parallel cable is now working again. before it was only ever copying snow bros even when i selected another adf???
So i got rid of the program and downloaded another. That fixed it. Can transfer adfs again.

I can still do all serial transfers

All other games, about 50 of them, work with no problems, so far.
But. i only got the parallel cable recently, i did all the other transfters using the serial. Ill recheck the other games and see if new problems occur.

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