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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
no no jens,by compatible cards i do mean the ones that this device is tested with.

most of my cards are old 040 and 060 cards so i dont think for one second they will work anyway,by old i mean well past any sort of warranty by at least a decade.
I didn't mean that I'd give warranty for those old cards. What I mean is: If you or anyone else will get it to work with "some" A1200 accelerator, that's fine. However, if I'd publish "it's working with card XY", then I'm describing the functionality of the card - and that's "assured functionality" if it's part of a product description. That's the kind of responsibility that I will not take: There may be different versions or even component tolerances within otherwise completely identical specimens of an accelerator, and my "assured product property" would be false advertising. I am not going to do that. You will therefore only hear/read two things from me:

1) the port on the ACA500 is compatible with ACA1231/ACA1232

2) I will not do anything to specifically stop other cards from working

Nothing more, nothing less.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
just out of curiosity,when you managed to get a blizzard 1230 mk4 sort of working did the card have an fpu?
My B1230-IV does not have an FPU.

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