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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
thats looking quite nice,will you be posting a list of compatible cards?when this is finished.
No, I will not, and that's not a joke. I'll do my best that most cards are compatible, and anyone is free to publish a positive or negative test result. However, a compatibility list from me with anything but ACA1231/ACA1232 in it would imply that I'd guarantee that "other" card to work, but I won't do that.

If you have any other than one of my A1200 accelerators connected, you're on your own. You may be lucky and your preferred reseller will give you support, but I will not spend a single minute for a support eMail. Requests like that will just be deleted without further notice. The product is extremely low-price, and therefore, only a minimal featureset can be guaranteed to work. Think of it as the "Raspberry Pi of the Amiga hardware": It's cheap, it'll be (relatively..) high volume and documentation will be open.

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