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did the same as you and tried 1mb and 512k and they both worked? but when i transfered to the amiga500 the music and game is still running too fast and generally not working properly. i will try to write the floppy over the serial cable instead of the parallel to see if that makes any difference. i will also try another floppy. After that i will be at a losS.

UPDATE: transfered the galahad adf over serial and parallel now, and ive tested in 512k and 1mb on my real amiga. on 1mb the game still is running in turbo with glitching gfx. in 512k it wont even boot, screen goes red as soon as i turn it on. This happened before on a winue config on my other pc so im not sure if theres a connection.

Very strange, dont know whats happening?

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