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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That's not my point. Call it a rhetoric question if you want. I'd really like to understand this, as i once was a collector and all I did, pretty much, with my extra money, is buy old computers, and would have never thought of getting a thing like this.
As you already said, nostalgia really plays a big part here, and people are ready to pay good money for nostalgia.

And there are people who really love this form factor, me included (although, I don't like this particular case). Not everyone are able to have two (or more) computers at their house, so this is a nice solution for the people who want a machine that looks retro but which you can still use for everyday tasks.

Or maybe some people are heavily into emulation, and want a case to give them that extra fuzzy feeling?

These are maybe not reasons for you to get one, but I understand why some people might buy this case.
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