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Originally Posted by daro2096 View Post
When is the software for the mkii scan doubler going to be ready?
When it's done.

Originally Posted by moijk View Post
Does this mean an increased price? And is the community to blame, or your own indecisions regarding the aca 520 to aca 500 and internal to external transformations?
I don't know why a few people still think that "transforming from ACA520 to ACA500" was such an expensive endeavour - the ACA520 only existed as a plan in my head, not even as schematics in the CAD system.

The first prototype was internal, sitting on the 68k socket. It works, but is too complicated to install.

The second prototype was external: The slim, but "too high" design that so many people complained about.

The third prototype has (almost) the same schematics as the second prototype, but a different shape (flat, wide design). Will post pictures later today.

Only the third prototype is community-driven. It has multiple small changes that I'm about to test today, so it has not just the advantage of being seen as "prettier", but also the advantage of being a test vehicle for numerous small changes that I would not want to wire up on the second prototype (bending pins up and re-wiring them somewhere else is tedious and error-prone).

I don't expect the price to change - the plan is to cover the expenses of the third prototype by removing the steel cover from the equation. The board has a total of four grounded mount holes, so whoever wants to design a case has the possibility to do so.

There's more (planned!) expenses for software that will be published later this week.

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