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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
I have another question.
What is going to happen if the A500 is fitted with an internal accelerator and then i plug an ACA500? Will the internal board be deactivated nicely or is there a risk of frying everything?
There is the risk of frying one or both of the boards. You MUST remove any internal accelerator. The 68000 CPU must sit directly in it's socket.

Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
I would also like to have an answer about the possibility to have a VGA output on the ACA500 to connect with the Indivision: if i know that i can have an Indivision ECS without cutting my A500 case, i would buy one right away.
I currently have no case for the ACA500, so the question can't be answered. You can surely route the VGA cable of Indivision ECS out through the side-port (plenty of space for that!), but there is nothing on ACA500 where you can *mount* the VGA connector. I wouldn't want to do that, because you'd rip it apart if you try to remove the ACA500.

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