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Hello from Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

This is a great forum and I thought I'd add my tuppence.

We had an Amiga 500 and then an Amiga 1200 with a whopping 60 MB hard drive in our family. I was never a great games player, but enjoyed tweaking and learning.

At one point I had 3 TVs coming off the A500 and some four players games on the go with the parallel port adapter. We sold the A500 to fund the A1200.

Many years ago I managed to scavenge a memory board and then an 8 MB EDO SIMM for the A1200.

I tried to be as honest as possible with buying games, but did learn the ways of XCOPY.

The Public Domain demos of the time were simply awesome and have a place in my memory today.

My worst Amiga memory was desperately wanting the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle game one Christmas, receiving it, having to wait a few days to play it and then realising what utter tripe it was.

I picked up WinUAE many years ago and watch its development and also purchased the Amiga Forever bits.

Recently I bought a Compact Flash card for the A1200, got it out the loft and installed it. Unfortunately the keyboard didn't work after. The ribbon looked flakey. So hopefully this week, a replacement will arrive and then the clocks can be turned back.

So I'm hope you're happy with my efforts
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