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What does this tell me about my Amiga?

I'm trying to get specs from a used Amiga 500...

When booting Workbench, it says about 9.000.000 free memory, but what does this equivalent? 10 MB RAM? Ain't this an odd RAM amount?

Then I tried to understand how large the harddisk is, so I typed the "info" command in shell, getting:

1. partition: Size: 45M / Used: 55.000 / Free: 36.000
2. partition: Size: 5M / Used: 2.000 / Free: 8.000

I'm probably really slow, but I can't get these number to add up. Wouldn't the total size be 50M? And is that only 50 MB?! If I add the other numbers together I get nearly 100.000 - this must be 100 MB?

Please help me, I'm just an engineer, not so good with numbers!
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