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Originally Posted by Axxman View Post
Not many people can say they've lived through the computer revolution, but some of us have.

Those were the days.....
Oh yes! I've been there too, ever since my ZX81 days. Then the ZX Spectrum. And most of all, the humble Amiga. I still miss them all. Long live emulators! Odd thing is, I'm not overly interested in todays generation of consoles, with the exception of GTA games (I love them all) and much prefer games of yesteryear.

BOT: I never completed Sabre Wulf but back in the day I think I had all the Ultimate Play the Game games with the exception of Tranz Am which I found disappointing. Used to like the amazing cassette inlay artwork too.

The remake certainly looks a major tribute to the original. Off to download and play....
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