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Thanks everyone for taking a look.

Originally Posted by viddi View Post
This is an impressive demo!
I must confess that I really like the static parallax layer.
It looks more believable than its scrolling counterpart.
That's what my missus said. I like it too although I'm not sure you can call it 'parallax scrolling' if it don't scroll!

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
i don't think it is static, i'm sure its scrolling 1 pixel sporadically.
That's it. The display is underscanned to 240*208, and uses 8 attached sprites for the parallax layer. That leaves 16pixels for the scroll, hardly worth it really.
The reason for the underscan is purely for the benefit of the sprite layer, will have to live with it until I can work out horizontal sprite multiplexing, or maybe just shading in some buildings using the copper.

TBH the sprite layer is about the only thing that's really AGA and even that could be done on older chipsets in the right hands (bar the colours). Then Final Fight 020 would probably be a more accurate name, although that's beyond me right now.

EDIT: Just noticed there's (unwanted) sound on the video. The sound has been really butchered since the last version and I've not worked on it bar trying the tracker player and attempting to 'mask' a sound channel for the fx, which didn't work and was abandoned in favour of working on other things. I'll return to it after some more research and try again. I'd assumed the game was silent,; guess I was just working on it with the sound unplugged!

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