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I give up.
Never go into an argument with a person that has to have an "opinion" to 50 topics per day on one single forum. That must hollow one's head out so much that it becomes a dangerous case in no time. These people think they know it all. About any possible topic. These people must ALWAYS have the last word with everything. With the permanent intention to "win" over people whose arguments they don't like or whose personality they don't like or both.-- It feels a bit like "discussing" with these AI simulators that were all the rage in the mid-1980's (e. g. "Eliza". C64). "Eliza" did have an answer on all questions; whether they were taken from a knowledge base it didn't matter; at least there was an answer that sounded well-knowledgeable in almost any subject. And people were happy - wow!

even if you don't have a clue what you're talking about
Let's hope you do at least. Should we start a poll?

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