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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Er... have you actually read this thread
Oh yes, I have. And unlike others, I have at least stayed on topic and not brought up some emulation theories, mind you.
and seen which games were used as examples for that behaviour? I'd say your theory has indeed nothing to do with what Akira is talking about.
So? You may. I'm not intending to go into an argument because of that. Plus, I did warn about it possibly proving wrong in the long run. So just ignore it.
In short:
I know about vintage synthesizers, which are "old hardware" by definition.
And I know about vintage computers, which too are "old hardware" by today's standards.
And old hardware has been known not to be 100% perfect and predictable, so prone to inaccuracies.
And scaling an image which originally is HALF size to FULL size may (or may not) be affected by these inaccuracies. Because the scaling is done with this hardware, and the scaling routine can be bypassed if the pic is already in desired size.
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