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Hello attila06

Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
Checkerboard rocks in HighGfx mode now, just one thing the sound frizzle towards the end.
Have you a registered whdload key ? (The timer for the checkerboard loader screen is variable depending if you have a whdload key or not and of the chip/fast free).

Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
I'm waiting with impatience the future X-bEnCH 0.86 and Xplorer
Xplorer will not be for the 0.86 release but for the 0.9x release at best.

remember ...
Originally Posted by JimNeray View Post
There'll be some other 0.8x release to update and fix the actuals features and add some options, features and bonus.
The futures 0.9x releases will be the next big step before the final 1.0 release and will include some new bigs and cools features that are already in the state of Work In Progress.
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