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Sure thing, because these are not from the old days as the ones we are referring to here.

There was one possible theory I had for these "centering flaws" some time ago. It might be total hogwash, but don't cry out until you've heard it: the usage of stretched images. Back in floppy disk days, disk space was ridiculously short, so game programmers often used the trick as follows: they made pictures in 160x100 and blew them up to double size. I can even prove that since I've raw-loaded some images just as they were originally put on disk. Original size: 160x100! Might have been the last thing to resort to when sound data size was reduced to minimum required amounts and yet there was only a few (kilo)bytes left on the disk. This - obviously - forced dev team members to become inventive...
It's fairly possible that stretching these pics on 2x size in real-time may occasionally have created some of these display issues this thread is about. (Still, it's only a theory.)
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