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I got a bit carried away and I do apologize. Sometimes a lack of tone and/or infliction can lead to misinterpretation, which can lead to arguments that never needed to occur.

Disregarding, or trying to reshape context (as has occurred here) can also end up with people arguing over things that are different to what someone has said. A "back and forth" or two later, and the end result is something akin to arguing via Chinese whispers.

Regardless of what people believe this whole thing has been interesting, and kinda demonstrates that maybe its not worth investing the time and effort required trying to produce something of commercial quality for 68k amiga. People are pretty quick to dismiss something based on its current state to a point that its not surprising all we have new is a bunch of pd quality new titles.

Yeah, I think its great that someone is trying to provide new games for amiga-oid systems. While I personally wont buy it (too pricey for my blood) I hope they succeed. If they do then there's potential for them to make something else, and as they say, "practice makes perfect", so successive games might be more to my tastes (and that of my wallet). I'll pitch in a few dollars though, just for the encouragement. Their experiences (and not just in producing the game itself, there's more to it than that) could also prove useful to others who are contemplating having a go.

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