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Hmmm, it could be good, but the Dreamcast games I bought that were made recently (over the past 5 years) have mostly been side-scrolling shooters, easy to pick up and play. The other one was Cool Herders which plays similar to Bomberman, but you are trying to herd up sheep as you go through the level.

The other problem I have is the price. The Dreamcast games mentioned above were between £15 and £30. Paying £60 for a game (which could be potentially very annoying and frustrating) is far too much - I wouldn't pay that for any recent game on *any* format. The last time I paid £60+ for a game was when I bought Turok 2 (plus memory expanion pak) for the Nintendo 64 about 15 years ago.

As for Amiga versions... does anyone actually want to pay for new Amiga games when loads of PD stuff is uploaded to Aminet each month?
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