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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
A decent looking, fully polished, 68k game
What do "decent looking fully polished games" have to do with this discussion? You already explained that the game we're discussing has a "homebrewish look".

would certainly sell many more games than this OS 4/AROS aimed game. Even as a by-product.
It doesn't matter if it would - because it would be a lot harder to do. You'd probably have to rewrite the whole engine. And you'd have to find somebody with experience in programming the Amiga's custom chips first.

An OS4/AROS/MOS version on the other hand is mostly a recompile (provided the required libs are ported already, e.g. the game's based on something like SDL). It's simply not all that much effort.

Yes, it's way too expensive, and they're probably including NG Amiga systems mostly because their users are known to be vocal and willing to spend money on pretty much anything as long as it's supporting their system of choice. But bitching about the lack of a 68k version just doesn't make any sense.

And the game in question looks extremely boring anyway.
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