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Being that youre one of the people I mention that "knows it all", while doing nothing youre very hard to take seriously, however,.....

Perhaps you could try to understand to interperet? Most of your "points" are to things Ive not said, but rather a twist on them. Also, are you familar with the idea of "figure of speech"? I cant help but get the impression you'd be "correcting" me if I used the term "bitten off more than he can chew" with some explanation of how its not possible because of mouth structure (or similar). Language isnt always literal.
C64,.... yes, less time consuming to develop for a limited machine with 16 colors in 320x200 (effectively 160x200 in multicolor, although with provisos), and 64KB. Yes it still has its challenges, but to produce a title people perceive as quality is more time consuming on a more modern machine.
In brief: Being that Ive developed for c64 and Amiga I know what Im talking about. I'll happily pit my skills and knowledge here against yours with both formats if you care to do something other than "know-it-all" for a change?
Im already familiar with RGCD thanks.
Now clearly people do compare what has come before. Look at this very thread as an example.

Now as for the idea of people "accepting shit", ever think that most people are trying to encourage? Constructive criticism is much more effective than saying something is shit.
This Kickstarter project isnt even finished, yet people are already dismissing it.
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